Katy Bloss Zodiac Twins on Rollerboots

I always thought it would be nice to be a twin – although my roller skating skills are zero.

I have been trying out some new watercolour techniques, combining warm and cool colours in a different way. The paper I used isn’t great for this, so the outcome is a little blotchy, but I find it’s great to try new things and keep refreshing my colour theory.

I also made the roller skating twins using watercolour, gouache and coloured pencils to compare. I like the brighter colours, it’s a little more ‘cartoony’.

Katy Bloss Zodiac Twins Mixed Media Illustration

Let me know which you prefer?

- Katy x

P.S. Just in case you are interested here’s my original sketch…

Katy Bloss Zodiac Gemini Pencil Sketch

Katy Bloss Survival Illustration


Modern day kitty cats know the only way to survive being dressed in a mini bonnet and booties is to use up one of their nine lives, then chow down happily on some tuna.

My scanner has turned the watercolours of the little girls hair grey! It must know it’s my birthday soon – how rude.

Katy x

Kate Crumpet VoiceI don’t like long car journeys one bit. However, life is not so bad for my fellow passengers, as I turn into Beyonce and Jessie J’s love child as soon as my seat belt is fastened. It is my duty to croon away and help the time pass more quickly.

- Miss C x


Kate Crumpet Space IllustrationEveryone knows you can’t go into space without sieve on your head – or at the very least a cardboard box.

- Miss C x


Kate Crumpet Tropical www.crumpetcottage.comOh, how I wish I were sipping a pineapple cocktail on a tropical island. Imagine wearing just shorts! No thermal leggings or woolly socks.

Hiding from the cold indoors, I have been experimenting with different watercolour papers, this one is a little too rough, maybe the next one will be just right.

- Miss C x


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